Chapter 4 – One Day, One Chance

Alexis’s P.O.V

Dad’s been acting a little strange lately; he’s been at the ‘gym’ a lot! I mean a lot…
I think he’s up to something, he’s never like this! He’s been so suspicious recently; I think he’s hiding something… It’s not like him to act like that. Maybe I should ask him? I’ll leave it a few days; I need to catch him out. I wonder what he’s up to!
Anyway, I have to do his homework, like he told me to. Maybe I should let him fail? Nope, he’d beat me up. It’s nearly complete anyway. I just wish people would stop bullying me; it hurts to know that no-one likes me, and that everyone thinks I’m an answers book for a test or a homework assignment just because I’m clever. I get taken advantage of. I think the only thing that would keep me happy and stop me from feeling that low would be if I had a pet, maybe a dog? I love animals! I would love to have a dog as a birthday present, I’ve always wanted one!

Enough day-dreaming from me, I have to hop to bed! I’m getting kind of tired! I hope I feel better tomorrow; I can never concentrate in class.
*********************Next Day*************************

Today, I feel… Well not 100% better but a little bit better than I was yesterday!
I pushed the duvet off my legs and I rubbed the sleep from my eyes.
“Crap! I forgot to finish his homework! And it’s 6:30, I have no time! I have to get dressed and get a shower and have breakfast! Oh, well, he deserves it! How can’t he do his own homework? He gets all the credit for something I did! He’s got some nerve doing that! I’m going to get revenge.
I stared at my clock, time was ticking onwards. I pulled myself up from my bed and finally woke from my sleepy gaze. I dragged myself towards the door and something hit me. The smell of pancakes!!!!! I ran into the kitchen and sat down at the table, Dad was making pancakes? Oh, what a sight. Never in my entire life had he cooked anything. Mum was the only one who did it. We used to make fairy cakes with Simsbury’s chocolate buttons, and Tory used to help me stick the buttons on. That was when she was kind-hearted and cared about me.
*AN: Simsbury’s buttons= Cadbury’s chocolate buttons, Sims style!*

I went and got a shower, made my bed and went into to the kitchen and ran for the last remaining pancakes. I was so hungry, I could eat ANYTHING! Tory must of left early to go to school and revise for her test later on..

Just as I took a plate of Pancakes, I heard the School bus pull up at the side of the road. I left my pancakes on the table, and ran for the bus, dragging my bag behind me. I went out and jumped onto the school bus and took a seat at the front of the bus. Tory wasn’t there, not a sign of her. Probably revising like I thought!

The next thing I knew the bus had pulled up on the pavement of the school, I must have been day dreaming while I was on the bus, or time flies.
I jumped off the bus, looking for him. No sign of him! Maybe I would have a bully-free day?!
As I walked through the doors of the School, I scanned the corridor looking for him. Still no sign of him!
The school bell rang and I went to class, Maths, the best!

Tory’s P.O.V

As the bus drove past me, I ran from my hiding place towards the park.

Peter was there waiting for me, sitting on the swing. I could almost feel his lips on mine and I could hear his voice.

“Hey!” Peter said as I walked closer.
“Hi” I replied.
As I approached him he jumped off the swing and came to hug me.
“Did you get out your house without anybody seeing?” he asked.
“Yes! Of course!” I assured him, “My sister was pre- occupied and my Dad sleeps till like… noon!”
“Good! Now we can get on with our little date!” He replied.
To be honest, I thought his words were a little cheesy and a bit too flirty for my liking!
“Sure! So… Where are you taking me?” I asked, curiously.
“You’ll have to come and see!” He giggled.

He grabbed my hand, and led me towards his car. He never told me he learnt to drive! Wow! But he’s still a teen?
He put a blindfold over my eyes so I couldn’t see where we were going. All I could sense was him opening the door and him fastening my seat belt. In an instant his engine was revving and I felt the car pull out of the parking space onto the main road. I felt happy inside, someone actually cared about me and I knew he put a lot of thinking and planning into our “little date”. I had skipped school for this and suddenly it was all completely worthwhile. An excited feeling bubbled up inside of me and I couldn’t resist any longer!

“Come on! Just tell me where the heck we’re going!” I said trying to convince him to tell me.
Where was he taking me? What were we going to be doing? There were so many questions I wanted the answer to. I wouldn’t think he was the romantic one. When I first met him, he was quite mean, but then we started to become friends and I saw the side of him I loved. The nice side of him.
“Tory, you’re very impatient! Calm down! Were nearly there! Not long to go…” I heard him say.
“I’m sorry, Peter, It’s just who I am!” I replied, lowering my head and playing with my fingers.
Peter’s car came to a stop, and I got even more excited! I think I was over-reacting…
“Tory, were here.” Peter told me. “I’ll get you out of the car; you just sit there, ok?”
“Sure, whatever you say babe!” I said.

I heard him get out of the car, and shut his door. He pulled the car door open and the cold air from outside hit my face. It was getting a little warm in the car.
He led me out of the car, and I asked if I could take my blindfold off yet.
“No Way” He replied, taking my hand yet again and began leading me forward. Usually I wouldn’t have felt safe but with him there, helping me with every step I felt safer than walking with my eyes open. I trusted him with my whole heart, more than I had ever trusted anyone before and I was positive he wouldn’t let me down. I loved him and he loved me! That was the way it was meant to be!

Finally, after what seemed like two decades of walking in silence, down a hill (blindfolded ) we came to a stop. Peter let go of my hand and walked round behind me. He began to untie the knot holding my blindfold on. I was really excited to see what he came up with!

“Now, please don’t say a word and just sit down” He whispered into my ear as he slipped my blindfold off revealing the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen. I was standing in a clearing in the forest, somewhere I have never been in my entire life and it was utterly breath-taking! In amongst all the colourful wild flowers and plants lay a small blanket and a picnic basket. I was about to say my thanks to him but then I remembered he told me to sit down, so I walked over to the blanket and sat down.
“So…. Do you like this place?” He finally asked breaking the dreadful silence that hung over us.
“Absolutely!” I said, grinning from ear to ear.
“Great. It was my Mothers favourite place before she died” he said. “She used to take me here when I was younger and I used to play amongst all the wild flowers. I remember that she would always bring a little picnic for lunch, filled with my favourite foods and we would sit here forever having the time of our lives.

“Occasionally, my father would join us as well and after lunch he would take me fishing in the little pond just over there. My mother would tidy up our leftovers and then come to watch us, reading her book or knitting her latest project. Some nights we would even stay to see the sunset and it was just complete bliss”.
I watched him intently, speechless at what he was saying. He seemed so lost in the moment, in his best memories. I really didn’t want to interrupt him.
“But then it all changed!” He almost yelled, general anger filling his voice. “My mother went and got herself killed in some random freak accident and… and…. and….”. He paused and suddenly turned towards me, staring me in the eyes. I knew is eyes were glazed over with tears, but it was obviously a very touchy, delicate subject to him and I really didn’t blame him for being so upset. When my Mum died it seemed as though I lost all hope in life and nobody really cared but if my Mum had died in some freak accident like his everything would be a whole lot worse!
“I’m sorry for boring you like that! You probably didn’t want to hear all that” He said quickly.
“Oh no, it was incredibly interesting and I would love to hear some more” I replied, hoping to cheer him up even in the slightest.

“No! It’s fine I guess I just got caught in the moment and blurted some nonsense out”.
“That wasn’t nonsense, Peter, that was your feelings and sometimes it’s better just to let them out rather have them all bottled up inside of you” I replied.
He walked over to me and sat down next to me, sighing. “Have I ever told you that I love you?” he asked, a grin appearing on his face.
“Yes, but only like 100 times already” I replied, chuckling to myself.
“Well then I’ll tell you again” he said leaning in for a kiss. “Tory Wesson, I love you”.
He pressed his lips against mine and I could feel myself melt into his arms.
We broke our kiss long enough for me to mutter “I love you too”.
************************* 2 Hours Later****************************

I sighed opening my front door and stepping inside. I sure hoped my Dad was out job hunting or else I’d be dead meat. School didn’t finish for another 45 minutes and it would be kind of clear that I had skived for the day.

Please, please, please I thought as I walked down the hall way. I pressed my hand against the cold door knob and took a deep breath before pushing open the door to reveal …….. MY DAD SITTING TALKING WITH ANOTHER LADY!!!!!


Chapter 3 – Downfall Downhill

Col’s P.O.V
“I am greatly sorry; Mr Wesson but you have not received the job. Your qualifications just did not match up with the job we had open”. The women’s monotone voice seemed to hang in the air, making me sick to the stomach.
“Mr Wesson, are you there?” She said, listening closely. I paced my breathing and tried to say something, but my throat was dry and nothing came out.
“Hello? Mr Wesson? Can you hear me?” She said again, this time her voice seemed slightly impatient.
Finally I managed a few words. “Yes. Sorry, I can hear you fine.”
“Are you alright? You sound terrible.” She said her voice filling with general concern.

“I’m absolutely fine” I replied, shakily sitting down.
“Good. I really have to get going now. Sorry Again.” She said and before I could even open my mouth to reply the other end of the phone went dead.
I put my mobile phone back into my pocket and let out a sob. How could I have let this happen? I had the perfect opportunity to show off my skills and gain a job but I let it slip through my fingers. I was so stupid! I was never going to get a job in time! It was literally impossible! And what would my two little princesses think? I was just some old man who was completely useless at parenting and wasn’t even able to keep food on the table never mind a roof over their heads!

Slowly, I got up and walked across to the bathroom to clean myself up.
RING RING! RING RING! I almost jumped with fright as my phone buzzed to life, vibrating in my pocket. I took it out my pocket and gazed at the caller ID. “Unknown Caller” it read, followed by a long confusing phone number. One phone number that I definitely would never remember!

I answered and pressed the phone to my ear. “Hello. Is this Mr C. Wesson?” the voice said immediately. I really couldn’t make out if the voice belonged to a man or a woman, it sounded almost computerized.
I cleared my throat before speaking. “Yes, you are talking to him.”
“Ah, Mr Wesson, this is Bridgeport Bank of Finance” The voice said. I clutched onto the sink, anything from the Bridgeport Bank had to be bad news.
“We are calling you on behalf of your local Mortgage collector. We have been informed you have not paid your bills for this month. Is this true?” the lady asked.
I had no idea what to say! It was true that I had not paid my bills quite yet but I was getting round to it…. as soon as I got all the money. “Yes” I replied “That is true”.
“I hope you understand that all bills were due yesterday. Are you aware of this?” the voice asked.
“Y-Y-Yes” I stuttered “I have half of t-the money right here”.
“That isn’t good enough Mr Wesson. I also have the knowledge that you have missed already two of your payments to pay back your loan that you got from us.”
“I-I can explain” I replied.
“Go ahead” the banker said, almost sounding like they were challenging me.
I opened my mouth to explain but nothing came out. The truth was I couldn’t explain, there were no more excuses to tell, I had to face the truth.
The banker sighed. “Alright. I give up. I will send out a financial planner to sort out your debts. They will give you tips and such. What days are you available?”
“Eh… Any day. At the current moment I am unemployed”
“Okay. I have a schedule to keep and phone calls to make, so I have to be off now. Good Bye and I will make sure we get a Financial Planner to you as soon as possible!” the banker said before hanging up the phone.
I sighed. I really didn’t need a stupid financial planner! I can handle my money well enough myself for god’s sake! I guess they could help in some ways but I seriously can live without them! And yet even though I don’t want one it’s the only real thing I’ve gained today. I waited in all day for one phone call that could change my life for the better but instead I get two phone calls that do the complete opposite.

“The girls will be home soon” I said to myself as I sat on the sofa and picked up the latest newspaper. I filed through it looking at all the different articles. Meteor Shower, Car Crash, Mayor Gone Missing. Ah, I finally reached the Job Listings. I scanned the page, up and down, down and up. Nothing apart from….. AHA! They had one job opening for a shop keeper! They didn’t even note any requirements which meant I could apply whenever I want to.

I quickly picked up my phone and began to type in the number that was listed in the ad.

Just then I heard the school bus pull up, and within a minute Tory came storming into the room. “I hate you, Alexis!” She yelled. Arguing again……

Chapter 2 – When The Going Gets Tough

Chapter 2 – When the going gets tough.
Alexis’s P.O.V

I wish me and Tory didn’t fight as much, were always fighting. I guess that’s sisters for you! We not like each other at all, a difference in personality. She’s the party animal type with loads of friends, where I, on the other hand, just have a few friends I can trust. She never was like that when we were younger, she was my best friend. She changed when we got to our first day of Elementary school. I loved it and worked hard, but Tory just talked with the friends she made. She never liked school that much, I looked up to her, even though she was just a few minutes older than me, she was my role model. I’m the sensible one now; she’s the one who wants to party every day, always getting into trouble. I just wish Mum was still alive, she always was so kind and encouraging. I miss her like mad! She was special to me; after all she was my mum.

I know I shouldn’t keep asking for money off my Dad, but I sometimes need it. He hasn’t got enough money to pay the bills. Once this crazy woman came into our house and started to suck up all our furniture! I really don’t want that to happen again, we had to get a loan from the bank. Dad’s still paying it back, even though he has no money to pay it back with. Maybe I should get a paper round? Oh, I’m sure he’ll get a job, he HAS to.
I’ve been so worried to tell my dad this, or he would never let me go to school. I can’t live without anything educational.. But anyway, ever since Tory became so popular, I have been getting bullied. It’s not as bad now, but I still don’t want to tell Dad. Tory wouldn’t care if I told her. She’d just go back to her own world. I guess I just have to ignore the bullies, and enjoy school before I age up into a YOUNG ADULT! And then I’ll graduate! And then I can help Dad with money..

Yes, I’m a little strange, I enjoy doing homework. Tory hates homework, what’s wrong with her?! It’s something that takes my mind off everything that’s happened recently. I mean, Tory’s not been talking to me lately, shouting at me and I don’t know what I’ve done to hurt her or make her angry! She hates me, hates my guts, she doesn’t look the road I’m on. Every time I try to talk to her she just give me a look as if to say ‘I hate you, stop talking to me’ I feel stupid now, I don’t know what’s going on!

************Next day*************

I woke up at 6am, ready for the day ahead. I jumped from my bed, got out of my pyjamas and ran towards the kitchen.

“I think I would like…. waffles for breakfast” I mumbled to myself as I approached the fridge. Dad still wasn’t awake and neither was Tory.I made myself the waffles and sat down at the table to eat them. After, I decided I would go and have a shower.

The shower was warm and by the time I got out it 7am, wow time went fast! I dragged myself out of the shower and went to sink to brush my teeth.
I stared into the mirror, Tory was standing behind me. I turned around, startled.

“Excuse me Tory.” I said, pushing her to the side and trying to leave the bathroom.
“You have some nerve, little miss goody-two-shoes!” she smirked.
“I don’t have time for this, let me leave. I need to get ready for school”
“It’s all about school for you isn’t it?!” She moved aside, satisfied of what she’d said to me.
It was something I enjoyed, I don’t care if I’m strange, that’s just who I am. I don’t care what people think of me.
I heard the school bus stop outside of the house; I grabbed my school bag and ran for the bus. Tory wasn’t far behind, she was dressed and ready for school. She took the seat next to me; it was the only one available. She didn’t talk to me the whole way to school.
When we finally arrived at school, I jumped off the bus and just as I was about to walk into school, I heard someone shouting my name. I turned around and HE was there.

“Hey freak. Take my homework and do it for me. It’s due tomorrow” He smirked, handing me the homework booklet.
I just stood there silent. Eventually I took the book off of him. What was his problem? I put the book into my bag and walked in the school doors. God, I hate him…


Chapter 1 – The real Tory


Tory P.O.V

“Tory you have really done it this time” my dad yelled in my ear, “This goes against everything your mother and I ever taught you”.

In my head I desperately wanted to scream and shout at him but deep down I knew he was completely right. I had really done it this time and it seemed 100 times worse because my mother was not with us anymore. She passed a while back. Ever since, Dad has been over protective with me and my twin Alexis.

“Are you even listening to me Tory Wesson!” he said waking me up from my thoughts.

“Yes dad I am” I said like I couldn’t be bothered but in reality I couldn’t be bothered. I just wanted to go lie down in my bed and sleep forever and ever.

“Tory get to bed right now but this is not over!” He yelled and I shot up and scrambled out the door and to my room a bit too quickly.

Just as I was about to shut my bedroom door and get the heavenly sleep that I desperately wanted, I saw out of the corner of my eye, my Dad treating my sister, Alexis, like an angel.

That wasn’t new; she was always getting points in the brownie book so I continued to shut my door. But then as I was pulling it shut I heard something I never wanted to hear, something that would probably scar me for life! My dad whispered to my twin “Keep your distance from her. Keep your distance.” Then patted her on the back and sent her off to bed. She was in the room in an instant and I was raging at her! I guess I shouldn’t have been so mad at her. My dad was the true culprit here! But in the heat of the moment it felt right to yell at her!

As I climbed in to bed that night I did not dream sweet dreams of castles and knights but it was more of a terrible nightmare. All my horrible thoughts pushing into my dreams, the guy, my school, my evil twin sister! It was all far too much for me and then…..

 “AAAHHH!” I awake, my PJs stuck to me with sweat and my fists clenched so tightly together my knuckles were turning white.

Dad came rushing into my room, to the rescue as per normal with his help of a cold flannel and his sweet words! Finally, he managed to nurse me back to sleep but it seemed as if as soon as my eyes were shut they were torn open again by the deafening ring of my shrill alarm clock! God, I SO was not ready for ANOTHER day at school.

“Hey Tory! What up?” He said, walking up to me as I pulled open my locker and crammed my school books in. His sweet voice played in my ears, over and over making me feel like I was standing on top of the world! We had been friends forever, like since my first day of school, but now I really wanted to take it to the next level.
“Hey, never noticed you there! Nothing much, just school I guess! What’s your next class?” I replied staring into his eyes.
“Oh, cool. Next I have…..” He paused as he scanned his time table. “I have science” he shot a look at me, the kind of ‘I hate science’ look.
“OMG! So do I, I can’t be bothered with it, to be honest”
I really liked Science but I couldn’t say that to his face! He wouldn’t like me then…
Just before he could reply, the school bell rang signalling that everyone had to get to class.
“Wanna walk to class with me?” he asked.
“Yes!” I replied way to quickly “I mean…Sure, if you want me to”.

As he grabbed my hand I flew into my fantasy land. My fantasy land where he whisked me off into the sunset. My fantasy land where we are an item. We had chemistry!

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Prolouge – Every FairyTale Has To End




              They’ve changed.

I’ve changed. Heck, we’ve all changed! And not for the better. Ever since my wife, Elaine passed away with cancer a year back everything’s changed. Changed for the worst.

Firstly, I lost my job, then my twin girls Alexis and Tory began to argue and have some sort of bubbling sibling war arising. I haven’t even had time to talk about it to them as I have been focusing on finding a job that I desperately need. The pressure is building on me more and more every day, weighing down on my shoulders and to be deadly honest with you I cant fight the pain on my back anymore! Money is getting extremely tight and my chance of getting a job are getting further and further away from reality. And my children aren’t helping much, in fact they are doing the complete opposite! Especially Tory, who just seemed to be turning into an absolute monster of a hooligan, always causing trouble, creating havoc and complete chaos in her own community. But the worst bit is I don’t even know what had caused her to do all this! I didn’t know if it was the fact her mother has died, or the fact that I am basically ignoring her and Alexis but whatever it is its entirely ruining her life!

I love them both with all my heart but I know in a few days I wont be able to even look at them without getting overly emotional due to my utter lack of money! I swear if I don’t find a job TOMMOROW I wont be able to pay the bills in time! And without a roof over our heads I know that the twins wont be happy and I really cant have that. My children’s happiness is what pushes me forwards and makes me determined and its all worth it in the end when you see them smile, or hear them laugh. They mean everything to me, makes my entire life worthwhile but I suppose that’s what its like with all single parents. Even if you just stepped in our house and had a look around you would know what I mean. Their room is the largest, most decorated and probably the most expensive room in the whole house. And that’s just one example…

But suddenly when you hear police sirens in the distance and know they’re carrying your own daughter home you just want to give up! I’m soo fed up with this and yet as I sit in the front room and listen, I cant help but think what bother she has got into this time…..

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